Zero System [binaural edition]

by Zero System

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    Five hundred years have passed since the Cataclysm: a nuclear holocaust that rendered Earth toxic and uninhabitable. Android Raymond-tz48 is the only occupant of a forgotten city...[click photos for full description]
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    Ambisonic Decoding Plugins and Speaker Array of at least four channels required.

    For the true adventurer. Zero System fully realized in spherical, 16 channel third-order AmbiX format (03A). Listen to the music swim around you using any common B format decoder in your DAW or in a game engine such as Unity or Unreal (may require down mixing to first order 4 channel AmbiX). This is Zero System in it's rawest form - pure, cyberpunk 3-dimensional music lovingly crafted by Zero System Immersive Music.

    This file will be emailed directly to you upon purchase. A secure link will be sent and made available for a few days after you purchase it.

    Ableton Live users, it's as simple as downloading E4L devices from Envelop Sound ( and plugging in a minimum of four speakers (quad) into your interface. Use the E4L B format sampler device to drag and drop the AmbiX file and listen back on stereo headphones (binaural decoding) up to any speaker array you can imagine. Setup takes only a few minutes and opens you up to experiencing all future Zero System AmbiX releases!

    Reaper/ProTools/Logic/Pyramix users have many options - our favorites are by Blue Ripple Sound ( The pay version decodes to a multitude of formats such as 5.1, 7.1, Auros 3d, Atmos, and many more.
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Where to begin?

Since the release of our last album Skyward Eye by Jonathan Rowden Group, Ryan and I had been planning to create something of a cyberpunk underworld - the antithesis of the pastorale, fantasy jazz landscape we created in SE. Simultaneously I had been approached by a friend about starting and audiophile record label, and had fallen in love with Virtual Reality and spatial audio after a chance interaction with the folks at the now defunct Ossic 3-D audio headphone startup.

Two years later and after many shifting tides relationally and musically, we find ourselves releasing the Zero System debut not only as our first full length, spatial album (built in ambisonics from the ground up), but premiering what might be a worlds-first. Zero System Immersive Music: the spatial music x new reality music-experience label. When we imagined the world of Zero System, we knew it had too be different. It couldn't inhabit the flat, 2-D land of music of the 20th century. We had to envision a new way of listening to music in 3-dimensional space. After all, we are 3-dimensional creatures, right?

Zero System is the first step into the Zero System Universe, as we call it. It's a place where mediums collide, genres cross, and platforms are meant to be hopped across instead of embedded into. Alongside it, we release (in merch) not only the 16 channel AmbiX for those with a reliable DAW or decoder, but an original cyberpunk novella "From The Ruins" by my longtime friend Keith Silvas - also his debut book. We hope you enjoy this first foray into the world of spatial, cross-platform music.


released November 12, 2018

Produced, Engineered, Composed, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Zero System Immersive Music (Ryan Pryor and Jonathan Rowden)


all rights reserved



Zero System Immersive Music

Zero System Immersive Music is the spatial music and XR immersive experience label. We are building a listening universe at the intersection of immersive tech and music by creating VR/XR experiences, spatial music, and more. Don't be a flatlander - listen to 3-D music :] ... more

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